World’s worst summary of Warcraft III’s story: Part 1

September 17, 2013 on 2:34 pm | In Other Gaming, Wang | No Comments | Sicopath

(Yo, it was a really long time ago, I don’t remember all the details)

Reign of Chaos Human Campaign:

Arthas was all like fuck yeah i’m a Paladin and Uther was like nawww you a bitch and Arthas was like i’m also the Prince and Uther was like nawww you ain’t king you a bitch.

Then a bunch of villagers turn purple or some shit and Arthas is like whaaat this a plague or some shit, let’s fight the undead and Uther was like you not such a bitch anymore so you got this mang, i’mma get more Paladins and meet up later.

Then Arthas fights the undead and goes to another town where everyone was already turning purple and he was like awww man there’s too many purple people and then Uther shows up and is like sup mang and Arthas tells him yo Presidential Paladin we gotta perform a purple people purge, you down with that shit? And Uther was like naww man, Paladins don’t purge people even if they’re purple and Arthas was like yo dawg i’m your future king and Uther was like well the future king can future suck it.

So Arthas had to purge the purple people without the president of paladins and he fought a dreadlord and purged the purple people before he could make them into an army and the dreadlord was like fk u Arthas come to Northrend and fight me you pussy I bet you won’t.

So Arthas went to Northrend with his dad’s army because he’s a bitch and then Uther snitched on him to his dad so a senior army bro was like everybody go home and calm the fuck down and then Arthas hires a bunch of trolls and ogres and shit to blow up their boats so they can’t go home and then he’s all like what now bitches?

So they fight the undead some more and find a bunch of dwarves and one of them was important and shit and Arthas was like yo mang you important or something and he was like thanks bro you want a cool sword? And Arthas was like yeah mang gotta kill a dreadlord later so they find the sword and the important dwarf was like yo this is sketchy as fk and Arthas was like naww this sword is cool it’s got skulls and shit and the important dwarf was like naww mang this sword is cursed and Arthas was like fuck the curse and then he touched the sword and the sword blew up the dwarves and then he went to Icecrown and blew up the dreadlord with the sword.

Then years later he goes home to Lordaeron and blows up the King and all the humans were like why you do that and Arthas is all like suprise i’m a Death Knight, bitches.

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